Roxanne (estrella_trash) wrote in nutrition_major,


I am so happy i found this community :)

I am a sophomore at community college and I am taking classes to prepare me for transfer to a school where I can specialize in dietetics. Going to a school where the majority of the population is either hoping to get into nursing school or hoping to get into engineering school I feel sort of like the lone future nutrition major flying with a flock of pre-nursing students. I can't wait to transfer so that i can get fully emmersed in the nutrition program!

I have been trying to set up a job shadow with a dietitian, have any of you done that? I think it might be a good experience and also a good bonus when you are applying to an internship program.

Another nutrition thing that i am involved with is a site called which is currently undergoing some nip tucks but i would eventually like to make it into a resource for teens to find nutrition information and guidance.

currently i am done with all my math and starting my chem series and it is kicking my ass!! but i think i'll pull through!
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